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We offer all types of livery from grass to full and anything in between. Some of the more popular options are below but if your requirements are a little different to these packages please ask for a quote.

We also take in horses for backing and schooling, please call to discuss your requirements.

Prices correct at 28th October 2015.

Full livery

Full livery covers all aspects of your horse's care leaving you free to come and ride and enjoy spending quality time with your horse. 

  • Daily turn out, bring in, muck out.

  • Rug changes and feet picked out.

  • Feed, hay/haylage, shavings.

  • Routine appointments managed.

£466 per month.



DIY livery

DIY livery can be done in two ways. The first option includes just stable and grazing. You provide your own hard feed and pay extra for the hay/haylage and bedding that you need each month. You can also add on services as required. From £130 per month.

The second option includes feed all year round and hay/haylage throughout the winter months. This spreads the cost as you pay the same amount each month. Again you can add on services as needed and you pay extra for bedding. From £207 per month.

Part livery

This package includes feed, hay/haylage and bedding. Your horse will be turned out or brought in each day and you can then add on additional services as required. This is a flexible option which suits people who can't always make it up to the yard or perhaps work different shifts each week.

  • Daily turn out or bring in.

  • Rug change & feed given.

  • Feed, hay/haylage, bedding.

From £336 per month.

Grass livery

Just like DIY, there are two ways of doing grass livery. You can pay just for grazing and add on services and hay/haylage as used or you can again have a package where these are included. ​

Our paddocks are on sand land so tend not to get too wet and we have two field shelters as well as natural shelter from the trees. 

We always have several horses living out all year round and they do very well as long as they have plenty of food and are kept warm and dry.

From £100 per month.

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